Fall and Winter Plumbing Tips

Fall and Winter Plumbing Tips
Is your plumbing prepared for a temperature drop? As the weather in Utah becomes colder, follow T.J. Huggard Plumbing’s 5 tips to prevent leaks and bursts!

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The leaves are falling, and the temperatures are dropping. Every year the cold weather seems to hit out of nowhere. As we prepare ourselves for the cold with blankets and scarves, it is important that our plumbing is prepared too! Look at T.J. Huggard Plumbing’s tips to get your plumbing ready for the cold weather and prevent possible disasters such as cracks or frozen pipes.

1. Clean the Gutters

As the debris in a home’s gutters are usually out of sight, we often forget to clean them. Clear the leaves and debris to keep the water flowing correctly. If not cleaned properly, dirty gutters can lead to clogs, mold, and damage to the home.

2. Cover Outdoor Pipes

When the temperatures get below freezing, the cold can cause the water in your outdoor pipes to freeze and ultimately burst! A pipe burst can cause flooding, leaving serious damage to your home and wallet. You can prevent bursts by covering your pipes with foam or giving the experts at T.J. Huggard Plumbing a call.

3. Set the Correct Water Heater Temperature

Setting the temperature of your water heater to approximately 120 degrees will help ensure it works at full capacity. Setting the temperature to 120 degrees will not only improve the performance of the water heater but also save energy. Make sure to carefully check the temperature of your water as it can potentially come out of the faucets very hot.

4. Fix the Leaks

Give the pipes in your home an inspection and check for present or potential leaks. It’s always better to get a leak fixed sooner than later, especially in the cold as the damage can become greater. T.J. Huggard Plumbing is always available to put a stop to the leaks if you are looking for assistance.

5. Turn Off the Outdoor Faucets

Turning off the outdoor faucets as well as draining them when the cold comes will prevent water from freezing inside of them. This is an easy step to save your plumbing from a disaster!

By following these cold-weather plumbing tips, your plumbing has a higher chance of staying safe from costly plumbing expenses in the fall and winter. The experts at T.J. Huggard are fully licensed and insured to help with any of your plumbing needs. If you need any help performing these tips on your plumbing or want to learn more, give T.J. Huggard Plumbing a call at 801.787.0373!

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