Summer Plumbing Guide

Summer Plumbing Tips

Inspect your sprinkler system

Check your dishwasher and washing machine

Keep your family informed

With the kids home and other guests in your home this summer – make sure your family doesn’t get into bad habits that could cause damage to your plumbing system. Here are some easy to remember rules to follow to help keep the following appliances running smoothly.

  • Garbage disposal – don’t put stringy foods like celery, corn husks, banana peels and other stringy foods down the disposal since they easily wind up around the blade, causing clogs. Also, never put hard foods like watermelon rinds, or grease down the disposal.
  • Toilet – don’t flush wipes, feminine hygiene products, q-tips, or paper towels down the toilet.
  • Shower – use the fan while showering to prevent mold growth and clean the drain monthly

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