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There are a lot of DIY methods for unclogging a toilet or a drainpipe. From the baking soda and vinegar method to plungers, bent coat hangers, and buying a toilet serpent, all of these techniques can work but are not guaranteed. Your best choice is to call T.J. Huggard Plumbing. Not only will we unblock your bathroom or sink, but we’ll also make sure the same issue does not happen to you any time soon.

Poor water pressure can be triggered by hard-water accumulation in pipelines, hot water tank issues such as sediment build-up, or trouble with the water line such as it being pinched. Normal maintenance should stop these occurrences, but if they have taken place, you’ll need to hire a plumbing technician.

Call us immediately! We make ourselves available 24/7 for this precise reason. And, if there is any possibility of an electric threat, keep as far away from the emergency situation site as possible.

There’s a simple solution for this. The water level in your toilet’s tank is controlled by a floating cap. By going inside your tank, you can change the cap. If it continues to happen, you might need a replacement. Get in touch with T.J. Huggard Plumbing, we’ll get the job done!

Water conservation and well, cost savings. By using less water, you’ll be helping the planet and savings for yourself on bills!

If you find that your toilet is clogging easily all the time, there’s a good chance a larger obstruction is there each time you flush. Something that contributes to this is the use of excessive bathroom tissue or the flushing of absorptive materials like tampons. You could also be experiencing vent issues or even water flow issue.

Quick, grab the plunger! Stop the bowl from filling up by controlling the flapper in your toilet’s tank, and get to plunging. If this doesn’t help, there may be a bigger problem in which case you’ll have to call in the pros.

This can be caused by a problem with the faucet’s aerator or a leak somewhere along its pipeline. If you cannot repair the problem by cleaning the aerator, you may be facing a bigger issue.

Try to find the main valve to your home. It will be outdoors by your water meter. After that, simply turn it clockwise till it stops. There will be remnants of water in the pipes if you run a faucet however it will clear out with use.

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Ready to live clog free?

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Wow, they are passionate about plumbing. They know their stuff and enjoy doing the work which means for a better job and a more pleasant experience working with them.

– H. Shelly

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Because of our schedule, T.J. was able to come at the last minute, twice. He was very professional and was able to install our new faucet and garbage disposal the 1st visit and hookup the dishwasher, fridge waterline and fix the water issues with our washing machine the 2nd visit.

– L. Potts

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I had a great experience with T.J. Plumbing. They were considerate, timely, and a great price. They were great at explaining and fixed my hot water within a day. I am so grateful! They saved us and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

– K. Wells