Sewer Services

Broken pipelines and backed up sewers can become more than just a costly fix – they can lead to lengthy and expensive residential property damage as well as to lead to severe health risks. Sewage line repair is the initial line of defense when a sewer line fails. If the sewage system line cannot be repaired, drain line replacement is the only other alternative. Thankfully, T.J. Huggard Plumbing is your local source for top quality sewer and drain repair. We know sewer and drain failure can occur at the most inconvenient times, so we are available 7 days a week for emergency sewer and drain repairs. T.J. Huggard Plumbing can help with sewer repairssewer cleaningsewer replacement, and sewer camera inspections.

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Emergency services are available
for sewers & drains.

Common Sewer Issues:

Broken Pipes: Tree root growth in pipelines and sewer lines can cause damage in an instant, breaking pipeline seals, letting water escape into surrounding pipes and other areas.

Sewer Blockages: Slow running drains can be a sign of grease and or other objects may be limiting proper water flow.

Corrosion: If your pipeline is older or is made from anything aside from PVC piping, then you are likely in jeopardy of having your pipelines wear away, which can trigger collapses in the line as well as a limitation of proper flow. Poor maintenance can cause serious corrosion and build up.

As a locally owned and operated company, we give you peace of mind my ensuring that our plumbing experts are fully equipped with the tools needed to do the job, no matter how big or small. For all your sewer and drain camera inspection needs, to pipe lining, plumbing repair, and more, give us a call.

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Wow, they are passionate about plumbing. They know their stuff and enjoy doing the work which means for a better job and a more pleasant experience working with them.

– H. Shelly

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Because of our schedule, T.J. was able to come at the last minute, twice. He was very professional and was able to install our new faucet and garbage disposal the 1st visit and hookup the dishwasher, fridge waterline and fix the water issues with our washing machine the 2nd visit.

– L. Potts

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I had a great experience with T.J. Plumbing. They were considerate, timely, and a great price. They were great at explaining and fixed my hot water within a day. I am so grateful! They saved us and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

– K. Wells