Chemical-Free Steps to Unclog Your Shower Drain

Drain clogged with hair
Unclogging your shower drain without chemicals is an easy, four-step process. It’s important to keep your drains clean to extend the life of your plumbing and prevent build-up of debris. Learn how to unclog your drain and prevent future clogs with our guide

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A clogged shower drain is a sign there is a build-up of hair or debris in your pipes. While it’s easy to pour chemical drain cleaners down to quickly resolve the problem, these could wear down your pipes overtime and are not the best for the environment. Luckily, it’s easy to unclog your shower drain without chemicals!  Most clogs can be resolved through some simple do it yourself methods with things you already have at home.

Here are some steps to unclog your shower drain without chemicals:

1. Pour a pot of boiling water down the drain

Although this is a simple solution, it is very effective. Be sure to gradually pour the water down a little at a time so you don’t overwhelm the drain. Also, you should never pour boing water down PVC pipes because they can be damaged by such extreme heat.

2. Pull hair out with your fingers

If the boiling water did not clear the drain, try reaching your fingers just underneath the drain and pulling out any visible hairs or clumps.

3. Snake the drain

If the drain is still clogged, this could mean the problem is deeper down. Pop off or unscrew the drain cover and get ready to snake the drain. You can easily straighten an old wire coat hanger and make a small hook at the end. Then, using a flashlight to see in the drain, put the hook end down and pull up any hair clumps or other debris.

4. Pour more boiling water down the drain

Lastly, after your have snaked the drain, pour another pot of boiling water gradually down. This should clean out any leftover remains.

5. Call a plumber

If your drain is still clogged, this could be a sign of a larger problem and you might want to consider getting a professional opinion. Our team of experts at T.J. Huggard Plumbing will look at your pipes and get everything draining again.

In the future, the best way to avoid shower drain clogging is preventative maintenance. If you take the proper steps to keep your drain clear, there will be less build up overtime, and less clogging. Here are a few tips to prevent future shower clogging.

  • Pour a cup of hot water down the drain weekly – This will help keep your drain constantly clear and help avoid build-up of debris or hair.
  • Brush your hair in the shower – Brushing your hair before shampooing could catch loose hairs in your brush, and keep them from going down the drain.
  • Purchase a drain cover – Consider buying a drain cover to catch loose hairs before they go into your plumbing.
  • Don’t dump dirty water down the drain – When you dump dirty cleaning or mop water down the shower drain, it puts more dirt and debris in the pipes, which could back up and cause clogging.

If your shower just won’t unclog, or you want an expert’s opinion – give T.J. Huggard plumbing a call. Our team of professional licensed plumbers will have no problem unclogging your drain and get everything flowing again.

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