Water Leaking from Your Ceiling?

Shocked brunette woman holding pot under water leaking from ceiling
A leak in the ceiling is an issue that needs to be fixed right away to prevent further damage. Find the leak before it's too late!

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It’s happened to everyone. You come home to a faint dripping noise and assume it’s from the bathroom sink. As you sleuth for the source, you come to realize the leak is not coming from your sink…but the ceiling! What a mess! If you have a ceiling leak it is important to determine the source so you can prevent the water from further damaging your space. Grab a bucket, lay down some towels, and contact your local plumbing company to get your ceiling and plumbing fixed right away.

Spot the signs of ceiling water damage

Besides the obvious telltale signs of ceiling water damage, there are some key signs to spot before the damage breaks through your ceiling:


Mold grows where moisture is. If you have a small leak coming from an upstairs toilet or shower and the water finds its way into the ceiling, mold will grow at the source.

Warped Wallpaper

As water accumulates inside of the foundation of your home, wallpaper and other material will have a warping effect if damaged by the water.


Rust-colored watermarks will appear on a ceiling if there is a leak coming from the room directly upstairs or in nearby plumbing. The bigger the mark, the more water there is.

Pools Around the Toilet

A leaking toilet is one of the most common culprits of ceiling leaks. If you spot pools of water around the base of your toilet, further investigate to see the extent of your leak and call your local plumber!

Unfortunately, leaks can be very hard to detect before damage is done but that doesn’t mean an undetected leak should ruin your comfort. Take preventive measures and learn about the ways you can find undetected leaks and call T.J Huggard Plumbing for all residential and commercial plumbing maintenance, and repairs! Our technicians have the right kind of experience and professionalism to get your plumbing system as good as new. Get in touch today!

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