Ways to Stop Plumbing Leaks

Keep your home safe from leaks and water damage thanks to these preventative tips from TJ Huggard Plumbing! We’re here to help with all your plumbing needs.

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As a homeowner, finding a leak within your home can be a huge inconvenience, even leading to water damage and mold. Luckily, there are tips we can recommend that will keep your home safe from future leaks and water damage. With these preventative tips, you can continue to stay worry-free, year-round.

Be Cautious of Your Garbage Disposal

When disposing of leftover food, pay attention to what you put down your garbage disposal! Food such as bread, bones, nuts, seeds, eggshells, grease, oil, and fruit pits can wear down or clog your disposal’s grinder. When the disposal becomes clogged, leaks can begin to form. No homeowner wants to repair both their pipes and their garbage disposal. Be mindful of the waste you dispose of – it could save your wallet in the future.

Install a Water Softener

Hard water is packed with minerals that can gradually wear down your pipes. Not only is hard water bad for your skin and nails, but it can also erode your pipes from within, leading to expensive leaks. Installing a water softener is an easy fix and can help the overall life expectancy of your pipes by removing these harmful minerals.

Reduce Your Water Pressure

Water pressure should rarely ever be above 60 PSI. Get in the habit of measuring your water pressure or install a pressure regulator. Water pressure that is too high can lead to leaks, gradually wearing down your pipes in the process.

Avoid Commercial-Grade Cleaners

Commercial-grade cleaners are not meant for residential home use. Most types of pipes are not prepared for this harsh of treatment, and they will do more harm than good. Cleaning your drains is a good step to take as a homeowner but look into milder options. A plumber can help advise you on the best drain cleaners to use.

Seal Your Joints

Joints that aren’t properly sealed are one of the most common reasons for leaks. The joint and the gasket should be tightened, and if it appears that they are wearing down, they will need to be replaced. Contact a plumber, they’ll place waterproof seals around your pipes.

Schedule Regular Maintenance Checks

Scheduling semi-yearly plumbing checks can keep your home in good shape. A professional plumber can spot any signs of concern and solve them before they become a more costly problem. Don’t wait until a plumbing emergency occurs, be proactive and get ahead of the game. This can save you money, time, and stress in the future.

For plumbing maintenance in Lehi, American Fork, Salt Lake City, and the surrounding areas, TJ Huggard Plumbing is here! Our expert team of plumbers will administer care to your pipes and drains, keeping them in good health. You can relax knowing that if there’s a problem within your plumbing system, we’ll find it immediately and prevent it from becoming worse. Don’t wait, schedule an appointment today!

Benefits of a Water Softener

The Benefits of Installing a Water Softener in Your Home

When water contains high amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium, it can become a source of discomfort or inconvenience. This is what we call hard water. If you’ve noticed a foggy residue on your drinking glasses after the dishwasher or your hands feeling slimy after washing with soap, your home could have hard water.