3 Benefits of a Professional Drain Cleaning

Image of a clogged sink next to an image of the same sink no clogged
Scheduling a professional drain cleaning with T.J. Huggard Plumbing will provide many benefits to your home’s plumbing system.

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When the water in your sink or shower is draining slowly, it’s a sign that you might need a drain cleaning. While store-bought cleaners may clear things up for a while, scheduling a professional drain cleaning will provide many benefits to your home’s plumbing system.

Here are three of the top benefits of scheduling a professional drain cleaning!

  1. Prevents Large Clogs from Forming – a professional drain cleaning will remove all the dirt and debris that have built up in your pipes, which will prevent large clogs from forming! Just like a car, your pipes and plumbing system need proper maintenance to avoid small problems building up into larger, expensive issues.
  2. Speeds Up Drains – speeding up your drains is probably the reason why you scheduled a professional drain cleaning! No one likes to shower and be standing in a puddle of dirty water or wait for the water to slowly go down the sink after doing the dishes. With a professional drain cleaning, your drains will super speedy again.
  3. Removes Bad Odors – stagnant water is the perfect environment for mold and bacteria to grow, which often causes foul odors to creep up through your pipes. As more and more debris wash down your pipes, such as soap scum, hair, dirt, and grime, the smell only worsens. A professional drain cleaning will remove this mold or bacteria build-up from your pipes

Our drain cleaning experts at T.J. Huggard Plumbing offer drain cleaning services for showers, tubs, bathroom sinks, toilets, storm drains, floor drains, main sewer lines, and more. We use many professional techniques to clear your drains of clogs, including hydro jetting. Hydro jetting uses a high-pressure stream of water to blast the clogs and debris out of your pipes, without using any harmful chemicals. Learn more about the hydro jetting process in our blog post!

Call 801.787.0373 today to schedule your professional drain cleaning!

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