Signs of Sewer Line Tree Root Growth

Sewer Line Tree Growth
Learning and understanding the signs of potential tree root growth can help you prevent large, expensive plumbing issues from occurring.

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The moisture from your underground plumbing creates the perfect environment for tree roots to grow and expand, often into your pipes! Tree root growth is one of the most common reasons for sewer line repair in American Fork, Utah. Learning and understanding the signs of potential tree root growth can help you catch small problems before they turn into bigger, more expensive plumbing issues. Here are some important signs of tree root growth in your sewer line to pay attention to!

Slow Draining Sinks

One of the first signs you might notice is your drains becoming slower. Water taking longer to go down the drain is a sure sign there is something going on within your pipes. Whether tree roots are growing in your sewer, or another plumbing issue is occurring, it is a safe bet to call a plumber when experiencing slow draining sinks.

Stubborn Clogs in Drains

Smaller clogs will eventually clear over time, but tree roots are stubborn and do not break down from chemical drain cleaners or by snaking your drains. If your drains are frequently clogging, this could be a sign you have another plumbing problem going on beneath the surface.

Bad Smells from Plumbing

Stagnant water in your plumbing creates an ideal environment for bacteria to grow, creating foul smells within your plumbing system. If you have noticed an odd smell when you are using your sinks, shower, or toilets, this may be a sign you have tree root growth in your sewer line.

At T.J. Huggard Plumbing, our team of professional, licensed plumbers are here to help detect tree roots in your sewer line and provide you options for repair. We can perform a video camera inspection to see exactly what is going on in your sewer line and underground pipes. We proudly provide sewer repair and sewer replacement services to our American Fork community and the surrounding areas. If you think you may have tree roots growing in your sewer line, contact us here or give us a call at 801-787-0373!

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