6 Warning Signs You May Need a Plumber

Plumber Repairing Sink Pipe Leakage With Adjustable Wrench
Wondering about strange smells and sounds coming from your plumbing? They could be warning signs that you need a professional plumber. While a backed-up drain or a clogged toilet is easy to spot, there are other, harder to notice plumbing problems. The longer these issues go unnoticed, the worse the problem can become.

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Keeping up with your home can be overwhelming at times. Thankfully some issues are easy to spot, like a flickering light bulb, squeaky doors, or low batteries in your smoke detectors. But there are bigger issues that can be harder to recognize. 

Your home’s plumbing is one example of this. While a backed-up drain or a clogged toilet is easy to spot, there are other, harder to notice plumbing problems. The longer these issues go unnoticed, the worse the problem can become.

We’ve put together a list of 6 top warning signs indicating you might need serious plumbing help. If you’ve been noticing any of the problems listed below, contact T.J. Huggard Plumbing today! We offer a wide range of services in the Salt Lake City area, and free estimates.

1. Increase in Water Bill

Whether you rent or own, you know what to expect from your monthly bills. Of course, they may fluctuate, but you have a general idea of how much should be paying. If you notice a big spike in your water bill, there may be a leak somewhere in your home’s plumbing

2. Weak Water Pressure

Sometimes low water pressure can be attributed to minor problems, such as a buildup of sediment or debris. However, it could also point to something much more serious. If you’ve cleaned out the aerator and the water pressure is still lacking, you might have a cracked pipe, water leaks, or other issues. This is the time to call in the professionals. At T.J. Huggard Plumbing, we offer free estimates and will work with you to make sure your water pressure is where it should be in no time.

3. Foul Odors

Have you noticed a rotten egg smell from your kitchen sink? It could be a build-up of scrap foods that are decaying, or it could also be a sign your drain vent is blocked. When this happens, it allows for sewer gas to make its way back up your pipes. If all of your drains smell and continually get clogged, it is a major sign that your sewer line might be damaged. Either way, contact us today and schedule your free estimate.

4. Stains and Wet Spots

An obvious sign of a leak is stains or wet spots forming on your ceiling, along the walls, or in the flooring. When you have a leak, the water will find the weak spots in the structure and gather there. Left untreated, you’ll start to notice mold or mildew, unsightly stains, and “old” smells. Checking around your tubs, toilets, showers, and sinks will ensure there are no leaking spots in those areas. If you notice an unexplainable wet spot, call a plumbing professional immediately. 

5. Cracks in the Foundation

Slight cracks and shifts are normal in a home, as the house continues to settle. However, if you suddenly notice a crack in your foundation, this could be a sign that you have a water leak. When the concrete of a building’s foundation is continually exposed to running water it can be weakened or damage, causing cracks.

6. Strange Sounds

Most people think it’s normal for pipes to moan and creak as they age. This isn’t necessarily always the case. When you turn your water on and your faucet makes an odd noi­­­se, that’s a sign there might be air in your pipe. This could be a big problem in the bleed-off system. If you hear running water in your toilet, replace the flapper and see if that does the trick. If you are hearing a hissing noise, this might be a sign you need to replace your tank’s internal components. If you’re hearing strange noises that you’re unable to identify, call us and find out what exactly what’s going on.

Tips for Preventing Springtime Clogs and Backups

The accumulation of debris, such as leaves and sediment, over the winter months, can worsen these issues, making it essential for homeowners to take proactive measures to protect their sewer lines.

The Impact of Water Pressure on Plumbing Systems

The Impact of Water Pressure on Plumbing Systems

Recognizing the intricate relationship between water pressure and your plumbing system is pivotal for maintaining a functional and efficient home. By routinely measuring and regulating water pressure, homeowners can proactively prevent potential plumbing issues.