Pet Proof Your Plumbing

Small puppy sitting on floor looking at camera
When it comes to pet proofing your home, plumbing and pipes are often overlooked. Here are a few tips to make your home safe for furry friends.

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We all love our pets, but from time to time they can be a handful! From chewing on our shoes to tracking mud in your home, owning a furry friend is no walk in the park. Even though our loving puppers don’t mean it, they can also cause some issues with our plumbing- something we may not always think about. We’ve put together a list of tips to pet-proof your plumbing.

Watch Where Your Dog Digs

Chewing on furniture and toys is one thing, but it’s really not that big of a deal. However, if your pet starts digging up or chewing on your pipes, now that’s a problem! Chewing on exposed pipes can lead to expensive pipe repairs and cause harm to your furry family friend. Talk to your plumber about the best solutions or materials to cover any exposed pipes to keep you and your pets safe.

Fill the Bowl!

Even though letting pets drink from a toilet bowl won’t harm your pipes, it can harm your dog. Your pet may think they are drinking fresh water, however, toilet water may contain residual bacteria and cleaning chemicals which can be unhealthy for your pet. Keeping fresh water in your pet’s bowl at all times and closing the toilet lid can minimize toilet bowl drinking- and keep your pets healthy.

Use A Two-In-One Hair Catcher & Stopper

As much as our pets may try to avoid it, bath time is inevitable. Our pets like to play outside and enjoy the sun, water, and grass. But when these elements make it indoors, it can cause havoc in your home. If possible, make the effort to do the dirty work outside. Not only will you minimize the mud, dirt and whatever else is in their coat from entering your home, but you will prevent clogged drains. If you are still concerned about pet gunk clogging your drains, investing in a two-in-one hair catcher and stopper can help. These devices are low cost, durable and easy to install. Visit your local hardware store to find the right bathtub hair catcher and stopper for your tub.

Having a furry friend at home is a joy. Just like child-proofing your home to keep your children safe, similar things can be done to protect our pets. By following these five steps, a lot can be done to protect your pets and your plumbing. If you have more questions about your home’s plumbing or how to further protect your pets, contact T.J. Huggard Plumbing online or call us at 801.787.0373.

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